Statement found in the  "Westminster Confession of Faith"

     This seventeenth century doctrinal statement: "Of the State of Man After Death and of the Resurrection of the Dead" is found in the 1646 Westminster Confession of Faith online. Click on the link above the image for their entire doctrinal statement and their seventeenth century perspective on the Holy Bible. Note: I have not read or studied all of the Westminster Confession of Faith statement and have no further opinion of it at this time.

     However, I am providing this Westminster statement on the state of the dead as the closest to the Bible truth that I am currently aware of.  I will provide further clarity on the subject in the form of a new book After We Die at a future undetermined date.

     As for the question: "Do we go to sleep after we die as some believe?" The answer is no!

     The main issue that I have with the "soul sleep doctrine" espoused by some religions is that it, by its very nature, has to rationalize away or around directly opposing Scripture. And, any doctrine that has to explain away opposing Scripture is simply a man made doctrine like the Trinity Doctrine. It is not from God Almighty. It would be better if we just set aside questionable doctrines instead of rationalizing around Scriptures to create them for man-made reasons.

     The Bible makes it clear that many humans have already gone to be with God and are not  just unconsciously sleeping in the ground. Therefore, the "soul sleep doctrine" is without merit when it comes to Scripture.

     You will find a lot of Bible resources and the message God gave me at my Book of Edward web site. You will find my doctrinal statement at Apostle Ministry's web site.

     May God greatly bless your search for HIS truth!  Apostle Edward

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